Hefei baohequ jinglan building material firm (JLB)

Imported German  electromagnetic valve (master valve), proportional valve, scale handle · electro-hydraulic proportional control, stepless speed regulation, performance is superior · turntable, working bucket in two operation, and all can remote control engine point, flameout · built-in combination ShiDiao flat mechanism guarantee work bucket always level · four leg of the horizontal and vertical expansion are single control, the adaptability is strong · upper arm elevation limit device to prevent dangerous condition happened · get interlock and soft leg protection function security operation safety, level leg not stretch was restricted work arm rotary but no landing, not only ensure safe and improve efficiency · equipped with emergency pump · equipped with electronic timer, accumulative total operating time for timely maintenance · import health, high reliability, good performance, long service life · synchronous telescopic boom structure, high work efficiency...

14 meters high working truck

Garbage truck is mainly used for municipal sanitation and large factories and mines transport all kinds of rubbish, especially suitable for transportation community living garbage, and can bring a load of garbage compression, crushing, make its density increases, the volume is smaller, greatly improve the garbage collection and transportation efficiency

Car can dump truck
QY20B truck crane use half a head large field of view luxurious cab, new great circle, streamline control room, the modelling beautiful; The four twelve edge shape single cylinder and rope exhaust expansion main arm and a quarter offset vice arm, before a single cylinder luffing; The allocation of power environmental protection engine, improve the chassis power and through the performance. QY20B truck crane with high performance, high reliability, positioning in the domestic market and abroad customers moderately developed countries with high performance-to-price ratio, occupy the market, to participate in international competition. It has a wide range of performance, lifting capacity, driving strong, can adapt to all kinds of cities, rural road conditions and field environment of the lifting operation and installation engineering, special apply to factory, mine, oilfield, harbor wharf, construction sites and other places of the lifting operation and installation, etc...

Truck crane
Launch of the sanitation special vehicles. Our products more energy saving and economic, the manipulation is simple, work space is small, agile and efficient, especially suitable for fit of a waste transfer station for new residential district and the old city streets densely populated areas of the garbage collector work...

Compressed truck